A Proven PT/INR Point-Of-Care Testing System From a Brand you Trust

Choose Assure® PT Care PT/INR Monitoring System For Reliability, Safety and Service

As a healthcare professional looking at anticoagulation therapy daily, you need a reliable and accurate way to monitor your patients’ PT/INR levels. That’s why we created the Assure® PT Care PT/INR Monitoring System, a device that gives you fast and precise results for optimal therapy management.

The Assure PT Care System offers superior accuracy and precision in a portable format. Measurement of the patient sample uses patented, direct clot technology and measures actual clot time. No algorithms or look-up tables are required. Only a 10-12 µl sample is needed. The sample is applied to the test strip using a transfer tube to place the required amount in the appropriate place. Results are available in less than one minute and can be communicated to providers via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

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Direct Detection

By mechanically detecting the clot, the Assure PT Care system avoids the challenges of other systems that use secondary means of clot detection such as monitoring changes in impedance.

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Simple and Reliable PT/INR Testing

Assure PT Care measures direct prothrombin time (PT) in patients on anticoagulation therapy using warfarin.

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Digital Connectivity

Wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and wired (USB and Ethernet) connectivity options send results to electronic medical records, printers or POCT data management systems.

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Clinical Precision

Assure PT Care improves your workflow with instant and accurate results.

The Assure PT Care System represents a breakthrough in point-of-care prothrombin time monitoring technology by simplifying and miniaturizing a direct, mechanical means of detecting clot formation1.

The Assure PT Care System Operates on a Proven PT Detection Platform

The Assure PT Care PT/INR System offers rapid testing time, simplicity, and analytical results that correlate well with the leading methods of PT determination1.
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Gold Standard in Testing

The Assure PT Care System lifts the fibrin clot from the reaction well which interrupts a light beam. The PT time is the actual time from when the blood sample is applied to when the clot is formed. This produces results similar to the gold standard WHO tilt-tube method.

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Rapid Results

Assure PT Care is the only true prothrombin timer on the market. This enables Assure PT Care to deliver reliably accurate tests immediately to support a timely treatment plan, ensuring positive outcomes for the patient.

1Arline, K, et al. Reliability of Point-of-Care International Normalized Ratio Measurements in Various Patient Populations. Point of Care, 19(1):12-18, March 2020.